An exhibition focusing on photography for children opens in Berlin

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Robert Gambier Bolton - Star Gazers - 1890-1900
Robert Gambier Bolton - Star Gazers - 1890-1900

From October 9, 2022 to February 19, 2023, the Museum of Photography Berlin presents “Bird’s-eye view and frog’s-eye view. Photography for children

Source: National Museums Berlin · Image: Robert Gambier Bolton, Star Gazers. Two owls, 1890-1900, © University of the Arts Berlin, University Archive.

The exhibition includes some 170 works from the Art Library’s photographic collection, plus a selection of drawings, prints, sculptures, and audiovisual works; ranging “from snapshots to classic advertising shots from the professional studio and socially committed photo reportage to artistically intended forms of design and concepts. These include pictorialism around 1900, the New Vision of the 1920s, mail art and staged photography.”

Bird’s-eye view and frog’s-eye view. Photography for children” is organized into ten sections, featuring “episodes on finding, collecting and telling pictures; on reading numbers, letters or clouds as well as on discoveries in everyday life, at school and on journeys. These include photographs of animals and nature, stories of families and friendships, but also portraits of automata and photographic games of colour, light, mirror and material.”

Despite its title, the National Museums Berlin explain that the exhibition is intended “for everyone who has kept an open view of the world, the arts and not least photography.” Accompanying the exhibition are a series of “interdisciplinary events, performances and artist talks that open up a view of the close intertwining of the history of photography with the realities of life, the questions and practices of everyday life, culture and art.”


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