Bottoms movie review & film summary (2023)

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Co-written by Seligman and Sennott, “Bottoms” is fun and silly in all its chaos. The two have created a ridiculous world where the overdramatic high school drama is not always supposed to make sense, but that’s part of the appeal. Cinematographer Maria Rusche makes their school look dreary in blue, an oppressive space that could bring down anybody who isn’t at the top of the student hierarchy. Their teacher makes only basic statements, no explanation, and then allows his students to return to whatever the kids want to do while he reads magazines inappropriate for minors and stews about his divorce. 

In one early classroom scene, a student is shown in a cage but not mentioned. Later, we learn he’s the school’s top wrestler, presumably only allowed out for matches. The football players wear their uniforms all the time for some inexplicable reason. PJ cites feminism as a reason to start their fight club/self-dense group, but Josie points out that she actually hates feminism. The best friends go along with a rumor that they spent the summer in juvenile detention, with Josie embellishing excruciating stories of survival to their classmates’ horror. 

The movie features needle drops aplenty, including a very comedic use of the karaoke staple, Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” and extra modern beats provided by Leo Birenberg and Charli XCX. It’s one silly bit after another, like candies rolling off a conveyor belt. 

There is one poignant moment where “Bottoms” drops its unserious tone for a sobering moment between PJ, Josie, Hazel, and their club members. Gathered together on the basketball court on Hazel’s suggestion that they should get to know their members better, the group starts to share traumatizing stories of assault, stalkers, and frustration over police inaction. The moment does not last long as Josie then details her “time” in juvie. Still, it’s an effective nod to the real violence girls their characters’ age endure before returning to their haphazard fisticuffs training. 


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