Dyro Returns With Awesome Progressive Tune “Lucid”

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Dyro is back on STMPD Records with his first single of 2023, “Lucid,” and it is an absolute heater. Returning to STMPD after more than a year, “Lucid” is an absolute showcase of production incorporating emotive vocals over a pounding kick, pulsating synths and a rumble of a bassline. “Lucid” is the perfect track for a brooding late night drive, a track you absolutely get lost in.

The track opens with the ethereal vocals layered over a droning kick drum. As the track builds, so does the vocal pitch and the synths. Eventually things get to a head and we get to the progressive drop. “Lucid” is a dark track that will still keep you grooving.

Listen to the latest from Dryo, “Lucid” out now on STMPD.

Sumber: www.youredm.com

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