Egzod Flips Layto’s ‘Five4three2one’ Into Electrifying Future Bass Remix

Egzod, a name synonymous with world-class festivals and a vast, coherent catalog, has always been a torchbearer in weaving stories through his beats. His music has earned mass appeal, topping over 600M total streams. He’s always finding ways to push his creative boundaries which is why we look forward to what he’s going to do next.

Now, he’s recently released a remix to Layto’s ‘Five4three2one‘ and this time around, it’s an electrifying future bass tune that yet again demonstrates why Egzod is one of the best at what he does. The two make a dynamic team, as Layto offers a compelling vocal while Egzod delivers on a anthemic arrangement.

Check it out below!

Sumber: www.youredm.com

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