Flume & Toro y Moi covering Bag Raiders “Shooting Stars” is beautiful, unbridled chaos

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triplej’s Like A Version gives artists a space to deliver creative covers of popular songs, often outside their own genre. For Flume’s latest appearance, he and Toro y Moi decided to cover the viral hit “Shooting Stars” by Bag Raiders… and it’s absolutely brilliant.

The performance begins simply enough, Toro with a microphone, Flume with a single CDJ and a CD. Toro handles the vocals like an expert as Flume stares ahead contemplatively before he picks up a saxophone, fed through some kind of distortion. As the song approaches the drop, a couple of body builders enter from the wings and just start doing arm curls.

At the drop, another man enters from behind as lights illuminate a disco ball. He’s dancing the back and doing poses, the body builders are doing lifts and curls, and Toro is just banging his head expressionlessly. At the same time, Flume looks like he’s been thrown into the situation without any prior idea of what was going to happen, but he’s accepting his fate.

The cover itself is brilliant and awesome, but the performance is really what seals the deal. Watch the whole thing below.

Sumber: www.youredm.com

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