Gaza’s hospitals on the brink of collapse | In Pictures News

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Hospitals in Gaza City and northern Gaza are in their final, “critical hours”, and are expected to completely go out of service due to a lack of fuel and as a result of “direct and intentional targeting”, the government’s media office said.

The number of hospitals that have gone out of service since the beginning of Israel’s offensive has reached 21.

As attacks around the Al-Shifa Hospital intensified, the head of Gaza’s largest medical facility, Muhammad Abu Salmiya, told Al Jazeera, “This day was a day of war on hospitals.”

The government called for the “urgent, immediate, and permanent” opening of the Rafah border crossing, though which aid and medical supplies can flow to hospitals and various relief centres. It also called for much-needed fuel so that hospitals can continue operating and providing healthcare services to the thousands in need.

“We hold the Israeli occupation and the international community, especially the US, fully responsible” for the crimes being committed against “defenceless” Palestinians in Gaza, the media office added.

Gaza’s Ministry of Health says the number of Palestinians killed since October 7 has risen to 11,078, including at least 4,506 children.


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