Gromo Teams Up With Rapper Chevy Woods For Bass House Single “The Protagonist”

Adopted from Guatemala at a young age and raised in New York, Gromo has evolved into a producer who’s not afraid to blend his love for rock and roll, hip hop, and heavy metal into thrilling electronic music tracks. He has studied at NYU’s prestigious Clive Davis Institute; traveled the world performing Ultra events in Miami, Europe, and throughout Asia; and collaborated with artists such as pop singer Rhea Raj and producer/singer-songwriter Hush

Now, he’s gearing up for his ‘Vortex’ EP, sharing one of the singles titled “The Protganist” featuring Taylor Gang member Chevy Woods. Hip Hop meets bass house in a splendid way as Gromo arranges thumping backbeat with fiery 808’s and synth stabs to make this one you could imagine rocking clubs late into the night.

“Chevy and I connected virtually during the pandemic when we collaborated on a trap style beat. Chevy has always been an MC I’ve admired and it was great bouncing ideas back and forth. I had the vocals for about three years before adding them to ‘The Protagonist’ track. I was inspired to add his vocals after watching Fred again..’s Boiler Room set. It threw me back to highschool days mixing for NYC high schoolers and ravers at Ultra, which was a challenge because at that time there was not a lot of hybridization of genres. It was either rap or dance music. ‘The Protagonist’ is a live mashup of both.– Gromo

Listen below!

Sumber: www.youredm.com

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