Has the G20 meeting produced solutions or more divisions? | Business and Economy

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Gathering of world’s biggest economies overshadowed by war in Ukraine rather than what was on host nation India’s agenda.

Foreign ministers from the world’s largest economies have been meeting in New Delhi.

With India holding the presidency of the Group of 20 this year, host Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoped to set the agenda on issues such as global poverty and climate change.

But the war in Ukraine dominated – and highlighted deep divisions among G20 members.

So what are the chances for progress within the G20?

Presenter: Nick Clark


Vicky Pryce – Centre for Economics and Business Research in London

Nikita Sud – professor of politics of development at the University of Oxford

Chris Weafer – chief executive officer of Macro-Advisory, an independent global advisory firm


Sumber: www.aljazeera.com

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