il:lo Unveil Mesmerizing ‘Myriad’ EP

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French duo il:lo are the epitome of thoughtful collaboration. It’s not a question of whether Dejado and Schütz are able to produce on their own, but it’s the magic that sparks between them when they come together.  Their creative partnership bears witness to the fruitfulness of collaboration and creative community, and their latest EP ‘Myriad’ is proof of it. It’s a release that’s testament to their ability to grow and learn together, and help each other in this process.

From start to finish, ‘Myriad‘ showcases just how sonically diverse and compelling il:lo truly are. They’re not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to arrangements or let you drift away into a blissful ensemble of tranquil melodies. A few standout singles “Baume,” featuring a smooth lead in that drives its way to bright and buoyant organic house brimming with depth.

“Peaks & Valleys” sees Fractures return to lend his lyrical prowess to il:lo’s songwriting process alongside producer Frameworks.  The result is a track that feels alive, ever shifting as though sand through your fingers.

You can’t go wrong with any song on this album – check it out for yourself below!


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