ISOxo announces debut album ‘KIDSGONEMAD!’ for 2023 after sold-out double header

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This past weekend in Los Angeles, ISOxo performed for a sold-out double header at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, the finale of his Nightrealm era. Whenever an artist announces a finale of a particular era, the question is always, “What’s next?”

For ISOxo, his debut album: KIDSGONEMAD!, out in 2023.

First, a bit of history and context. ISOxo has skyrocketed in popularity over the past year, especially since Brownies & Lemonade hosted his debut headline show in Los Angeles in October 2021. He released his Nightrealm EP on Sable Valley the month before, with hits like “Beam” and “Aarena,” and the hype has only grown since.

With support from RL Grime and all of Sable Valley, a collaboration with G Jones, and a stellar group of artists all supporting each other (RemK, FrostTop, Knock2, etc.), it’s no surprise that they began to take the world by storm.

Now, or next year, rather, feels like the perfect time to hit the gas pedal and drop a debut album. Stay tuned for more info and the first single likely coming sooner than later.


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