Israel-Gaza: Could further escalation lead to a wider conflict? | Israel-Palestine conflict

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As Israel’s war on Gaza continues and tensions in the region run high, we explore the geopolitical fallout of the war.

The war in Gaza has been raging for almost a month, causing unprecedented losses of lives and destruction. Many fear this conflict may spill over to the rest of the Middle East and ignite a wider war.

Hezbollah and Israel have already traded fire over Israel’s northern border. Yemen’s Houthi forces officially declared that they’ve entered the war. Meanwhile, the United States has ramped up its military presence in the region. Will the war expand and draw world powers further into the conflict?

On UpFront this week, London School of Economics Visiting Professor Madawi Al-Rasheed and US Senator Bernie Sanders’s former foreign policy adviser Matt Duss speak with Marc Lamont Hill about the risk of further escalation.


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