Julius Jetson releases new single, “Heartbeat”

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Julius Jetson returns with the release of his latest single, ‘Heartbeat,’ a vibrant house music track that masterfully blends rhythmic patterns and harmonic progressions. The song is a tribute to the ’90s, a time when classic house music reigned supreme in the dance scene.

Drawing inspiration from iconic producers like David Morales, Marshall Jefferson, MK, and Masters at Work, ‘Heartbeat’ celebrates the timeless sound that defined a generation. Julius Jetson has skillfully crafted a track that pays homage to the music that filled legendary venues such as Studio 54 and The Warehouse and the essence of the electrifying atmosphere of these iconic spaces.

With the release of ‘Heartbeat’ on his new label Rave Traxxs, Julius Jetson seeks to provide a platform for the fresh and innovative sounds of house music, while honoring the rich legacy of the genre. Listen here and below.

Sumber: www.youredm.com

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