KC Lights & Lapsley Team Up For Glimmering Summer Anthem, “Better Times” [TOOLROOM]

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KC Lights is undoubtedly one of the most exciting artists of today, possessing creative ingenuity and brilliance that is rare to find. He’s seems to have the Midas touch, and his latest single, “Better Times,” is no exception to the greatness we’ve come to expect from him.

Featuring the dazzling vocals of indie sensation Lapsley, the two make a dynamic team, whipping together a true summer anthem with sun kissed melodies and glimmering vibes all the way through. “Better Times” emanates with vibes of happy days, roller skating and dancing with a nimble touch of 70s/80’s disco, funk, and soul but with enough of an edge that you still know its 2023. KC Lights is masterful with his ability to blend these feelings with his recognizable signature sound. While the song acknowledges the essence of the past, it is also crafted to fit the present by becoming a modern, irresistible uplifting tune.

Even better, industry heavyweights such as BBC Radio One’s Danny Howard, KISS, Capital Dance, and Apple’s DanceXL have all given “Better Times” their stamp of approval.

The idea for ‘Better Times’ manifested while I was on the train to London to meet Lapsley for a writing session. I wanted a sound that felt warm and familiar  but also new and exciting. Almost immediately, Lapsley & I knew that we had a creative connection. A few hours later, we had written the track. We just knew the nostalgic vibe and sound felt so right. For me, ‘Better Times’ is about letting go of anything weighing you down in life and looking ahead optimistically.  Looking ahead into summer, I think this song will be a big moment in my sets.” – KC Lights

Listen below!

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