Lil’ Dave Dave’s Dubstep-Inspired Single “Meaningless” Is Making Noise

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Up Tempo Music Producer Lil Dave Dave’s tracks have struck the right chord in the hearts of fans worldwide.  His latest record, “Meaningless,” has resonated with his audience and is an honest reflection of creatively where he’s headed this past season.  This record is unique, with a hardcore, girthy bassline and many noises to energize you.

Lil’ Dave Dave has always been a dream chaser.  After a few releases and gaining some traction, things started to change for him within his local music scene.  He began getting some support not just in the US but across Europe.  Through sharing his journey, Lil’ Dave Dave hopes to inspire others in music and other fields as he shows them that they are not alone and that hard work pays off.  He also wants people to know that no matter their situation, it gets better.

Stream “Meaningless” below


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