Martron Releases Hyperpop Infused Trap Single “True Colors”

Martron grew up a classically trained musician, it wasn’t until early in his senior year of high school that he discovered his fondness for electronic music. Martron creates an eclectic yet balanced blend in his music that combines his charming classical roots with his energetic electronic sound. The industry and artists alike are taking notice, with Martron recently being recruited to perform guest mixes for Lizzy Jane’s “XO Radio” mix series as well as Niiko X SWAE’s “NXS Radio” mix series on prestigious Insomniac Radio

Now, he’s back with a hyperpop infused trap single “True Colors” thats an explosion of colorful melodies and thunderous bass. He masterfully weaves a heavily autotuned vocals alongside ricocheting synths to build into what is an electrifying drop sure to take your energy to a 10.

It may have taken 5 years to finish but man do I love this song! The energy, the vibe, the blend of lighter and darker elements, this is the quintessential Martron track. “True Colors” is about finding and weeding out the toxic people in my life that chose to take me for granted or stab me in the back instead of having it. It’s also about putting energy into the people that care about me and who’ve stood in my corner when they could’ve easily walked away. If this song could say one thing I hope it’s this: Lean into the people who love you and don’t let people take advantage of you. You’re worth more than you know.” – Martron

Listen below!

Sumber: www.youredm.com

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