Mike Williams Drops Official Update of the Dance Classic “Living on Video”

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Dutch DJ/producer Mike Williams is back with a re-imagining of a classic. Mike Williams has finally released his rendition of Trans-X’s 1983 hit “Living on Video” as an official single. Anyone who’s been to a rave knows the melody, a synth horn hitting an iconic riff. Mike Williams himself has been playing out different versions of this tune over the years, as have other DJs. But, now, Williams gives the iconic track a fresh update.

The track opens with that iconic synth horn riff, DTale’s clubby vocals add a nice modern touch. The horn riff makes up the drop and a rumbling bassline dissipates into the background before the iconic horn riff kicks back in.

“I’ve been playing multiple versions of this track for more than four years. The melody always does so well live. Everyone knows it from something, even not knowing the title or original artist. Very happy to finally release this version from ‘Living On Video’” – Mike Williams

Check out the latest from Mike Williams, “Living on Video” featuring DTale, out now on Spinnin’.

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