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Police take two armed people into custody for investigation after shooting during parade.

A parade in the United States to celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory has been interrupted by gunfire, with local police declaring that “multiple people” had been struck.

Fire Department Battalion Chief Michael Hopkins indicated that an estimated eight to ten people had been injured on Wednesday amid the celebrations. But no official tally of victims has been provided so far.

Kansas City Police added that two armed people had been taken into custody “for more investigation” following the shooting.

“Anyone nearby needs to leave the area as quickly and safely as possible to facilitate treatment of the shooting victims,” the police department for Kansas City, Missouri, said in a social media post.

Players and fans had gathered outside of Union Station, a historic downtown train station, to celebrate the Chiefs, an American football team, after their second victory in a row at the annual Super Bowl.

The event is the culmination of the National Football League’s season, resulting in one team walking away with the celebrated Vince Lombardi Trophy. At the game on Sunday, the Chiefs came from behind to overtake the San Francisco 49ers in a squeaker of a game, decided in overtime.

For Wednesday’s hometown celebrations, fans filled the centre of Kansas City, where cannons fired confetti and DJs played music.

However, that mood of celebration quickly turned into fear, with police officers rushing towards the area where the shooting took place with their guns drawn and ambulances quickly arriving.

Kansas City police said that “child reunification stations” were set up at the main entrance to Union Station and at 2301 Main Street.

“We still have several needing reunification,” the department. Police also asked witnesses to the shooting to go to a corner near Union Station.

Players who were present at the celebration also took to social media to express their sorrow at the attack. “Praying for Kansas City,” Patrick Mahomes, the team’s star quarterback, wrote.

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