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Peruvians hit the streets to call for the resignation of President Pedro Castillo over allegations of corruption.

Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets of Peru’s capital to call for the resignation of President Pedro Castillo who is under six investigations for corruption.

People marched through Lima towards parliament and the government palace on Saturday until dozens of riot police fired tear gas to stop them. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

Leftist Castillo has called those who oppose his government “reactionaries” and “the enemies of people”.

“I come to the march to get that corrupt man out. Castillo must leave, that’s what this march is for – to get him out,” said Nancy Huarcaya.

Castillo, a former rural school teacher, has already survived two impeachment attempts since he took office in July last year. He is now the target of six criminal cases for alleged graft and plagiarising his master’s thesis.

Anti-government protesters clash with riot police near the government palace in Lima [Martin Mejia/AP]

Carola Suarez held a Peruvian flag as she protested.

“We are here representing millions of Peruvians. Peru can’t take it any more. We are on the edge of the precipice, economically everything has stagnated,” said Suarez.

Peru’s Prime Minister Anibal Torres resigned in August this year over a criminal investigation focused on Castillo.

Castillo, serving a five-year term until 2026, has denied committing any crimes and said he is the victim of a campaign to remove him from power.

“They will have me until the last day of my term because my people have decided so,” Castillo said on Saturday at the government palace.

Police officers clash with demonstrators in Lima [Sebastian Castaneda/Reuters]

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