Watch Four Tet x Fred again.. x Skrillex full headlining set from Coachella

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skrillex fred again four tet

It’s been impossible to evade or avoid Skrillex this year. On top of two albums (and two more to come), his work with Four Tet and Fred again.. has made the three of them a force of nature, something to be reckoned with and impossible to predict. They sold out Madison Square Garden with only days’ notice, so of course it would only make sense to call upon them again when Frank Ocean pulled out of his duties as Coachella headliner on weekend 2.

Call them tba, Pangbourne House Mafia, whatever you want, the energy on the polo grounds that night were electrifying. From the moment they walked out to their stage in the middle of the crowd, as Four Tet said they should be like Ariana Grande, to the multiple times they dropped “Country Riddim” and “Ratata” throughout the night, everyone there was vulnerable to their whims.

The full set is now available to experience over and over thanks to Coachella. Watch below.


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