Wounded patients left at al-Shifa Hospital face dire conditions | Israel-Palestine conflict News

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Al-Shifa Hospital has been a major focus of Israel’s ground offensive in northern Gaza, with the World Health Organization, the United Nations health agency, calling it “a death zone”.

More than 200 medical personnel have been killed and most hospitals shut down in the weeks of indiscriminate bombing by Israel.

The Israeli army ordered an evacuation of Gaza’s largest medical facility on November 18, but it was not possible to evacuate all the patients, as for some, an evacuation would have presented high health risks.

Israeli forces, which raided the hospital last week, alleged that Hamas fighters used a tunnel complex beneath the facility in Gaza City to stage attacks. Hamas and hospital officials have repeatedly denied the claims.

Israel has also taken into custody Muhammad Abu Salmiya, the director of al-Shifa Hospital.

Sumber: www.aljazeera.com

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